About the Craftsman

Timeless Furnishings

I have been interested in custom woodworks ever since high school when Mr. Vanderzwaag, my wood shop teacher, introduced me to the fine art of woodworking. This concept of creating with wood for home & furniture has produced several useful and sometimes entertaining projects. From my efforts the house has been filled with clocks, nightstands, armoires, bookshelves, coffee tables, stair railings, a sofa, dining table and chairs, and spindle bed most of which are in the Arts and Crafts style. I've worked with several wood types such as Oak, Maple, Pine, Walnut, Mahogany, Ash as well as a few sustainable hardwoods as seen under another web page. Loving the ability to create, I even built Halloween masks out of cedar carefully identifying exact dimensions to fit over people’s heads yet not be out of proportion from the rest of the facial details. In the fall of 2012, my two great passions came together when I created a wooden bike out of 6 different wood types and entered it into the Grand Rapids, Michigan ArtPrize contest . You can see my entry "Woodinwheels" in our gallery page. I enjoyed the experience so much I decided to enter again in 2015 with three Schwinn Stingrays also made out of wood. Click here: Artprize 2015: The Race. I enjoy new challenges and the beauty that can be found in natural elements such as wood. So challenge me!